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All The Little Known Facts You’ve Ever Wondered About The Porn Industry, Revealed

By Stacey Ritzen07.23.15

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In an AskReddit thread on Thursday, someone posed the question, “Porn Actors of Reddit, what is something [that] viewers REALLY don’t know?” And the porn actors, directors, and assistants of Reddit were more than happy to answer! Spoiler alert, if you don’t already know much about the behind the scenes of the porn industry and you also enjoy porn, you may want to steer clear, because this peek behind the curtain might just ruin porn for you forever. Unless you get turned on by enemas and “the smell,” in which case, go right ahead. But you’ve been warned.

On why porn is an extremely unrealistic portrayal on how real people have sex:

Adult actress here. I know people say they know this- but viewers really don’t understand how LONG it takes to film a video and how FAKE it all is. I’ve been in over forty pornos, they’re usually half an hour or so long for each scene. But I’m on set for anywhere from 5-12 hours. Also, I know it’s not the hardest job in the world and I’m not going to sit here and say it’s rocket science but this job is NOT cut out for everyone. It’s extremely physically and mentally demanding. I know plenty of women who couldn’t cut it physically- you are putting your body through A LOT for each shoot at least four times a week (not to mention if you do a lot of anal scenes like myself). And as anyone can guess- a lot of performers are not mentally stable. I think getting into this industry without a good head on your shoulders is dangerous. Another thing you don’t consider- the paperwork to even start creating porn is insane. I have to fill out a million forms AND be filmed on video BEFORE and AFTER answering questions like if I’m there of my own free will or if I’m on drugs or anything. Also, don’t be one of those idiots who expects your SO to do everything you see in a porno. If it looks like we’re holding that crazy f*cking position for five minutes- it’s more like thirty second clips I’ll ask for a cut, go smoke a cigarette, stretch, slap some lube on and get back in it.

Staying hard is actually really hard work:

Guy here.

It’s actually pretty hard to get an maintain an erection on set. Making porn is pretty unsexy. Sometimes they use fake jizz. Not all the time, but sometimes for creampie stuff. Sometimes the actresses do orgasm for real. Sometimes it’s 100% performance.

The on the street stuff is actually filmed on the street. They don’t have a plan or permit for it, just go and get it done before people start asking questions. All performers have to sign papers and do contracts, so the girls they randomly pick up off the street was planted there from the start.


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